RTR Distributors was founded on the 4 February 2012 by Mr Jermaine Pather and his wife Wendy Pather. RTR Distributors began from humble beginnings in a 1 room where there was just a single agent being Mrs Pather and the admin staff was Mr Pather alone. Since then RTR Distributors has grown from strength to strength growing from a center of 2 staff members to now having a total of 150 agents, 20 admin staff and 6 branches across Durban. RTR Distributors has a BEE rating at level 4, we are also VAT and TAX Registered our registration number being 2012/115480/07 and our tax registration number being 9102198190.

We strive to provide an excellent service in terms of quality of work, timely delivery, professional behaviour, customer service and value for money. As a result we hope that there will be no need for complaints. However, we recognise that where there is a human element and technology involved there is scope for error. We have therefore, set up a formal procedure to be followed in the event of a service not being delivered in line with our high standards and the customers aspirations.

At RTR Distributors we strive towards perfection. We strive to excellent customer service, people management and skills development. Our business is based solely on Christ we put god first in all that we do and all that we strive to achieve and that is how we have managed to get our business to the point that it is today.

RTR is all about giving back to the community by providing constant employment to people from all walks of life and through social investment we provide food and clothing to the less fortunate.